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You might be surprised to know the Great Southern wine region is the largest wine region in the country. In fact the Great Southern wine region is one of the largest in the world.

Spanning 100 kilometres north to south and 150 kilometres east to west.  It includes some of the most prolific and successful vineyards in the country from Frankland River, Mount Barker, Porongurup, Denmark to Albany.

The Great Southern is a natural and unique ancient place – a picture perfect playground of naturally occurring and stunning contrasts, with endless emerald bays hidden amongst mosaic rock that landscape the shoreline, and mountains that have hugged the town sites for over one billion years. 

But how much do you really know about Australia’s largest wine region and the people in it?  Because let me tell you it’s something to shout about.

A Taste of the Great Southern Life

Uncover the best of life in the Great Southern wine region. Drink in the ocean air, play in the waves and picnic in the soft, white sand. Adventure through verdant forests, along pristine beaches, down winding rivers and up rugged ranges on your Great Southern wine journey.

Hike, cycle, surf, fish and camp among the wilds while you soothe tired minds at cellar doors across the region. You’ll tell and re-tell the story for years.

Natural beauty and urbane sophistication collide in the Great Southern wine region. Winter overlooking the sparkling King George Sound in front of a crackling fire served up with a robust local red is just the tonic. Balmy Summer days strolling velvety beaches and fishing off the jetty soothe jangled city nerves. A riot of wildflowers in Spring, and Autumn days spent geocaching, hiking and bushwalking, followed by cellar-door dining is the stuff your holiday dreams are made of.

It’s your journey. It’s your story. Start writing it in the epic Great Southern wine region. Download a map of the Great Southern Wine Region and cellar doors here.


Explore Great Beauty, History and Culture

The Great Southern Wine region is located in Minang Noongar country. History is alive with some of the oldest, permanently settled towns in the Western Australia. From idyllic seaside towns, to sprawling agricultural lands and national parks harbouring some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna, the Great Southern is one of Australia’s most pristine regions.


Frankland River – One of Western Australia’s best-kept secrets, the Frankland River wine region is home to rolling hills, rich and productive farming land, olive groves, natural forest and bush, abounding with unique native wildflowers. With a diverse range of grape varieties, it is most noted for its Shiraz and Riesling. Visitors can spend the day visiting modern cellar doors and taste first-hand the distinct flavours the region has to offer. Home to some of the best wineries in the country including Frankland Estate, Ferngrove, Alkoomi, Bobtail Ridge, Old Kent River, Lange Estate and Australian Young Gun Best Vineyard 2020 Swinney Wines, Frankland River is an untouched gem for tourists. For details on how to get there and stay, visit Frankland River.  

Mount Barker – Embraced by two ancient mountain ranges, the Mount Barker Region is a treasure. To the south, the Porongurup Range is an ancient escarpment known for its rounded granite domes, rich biodiversity, karri forests and stunning trails. To the north lies the much younger Stirling Range – a popular attraction for the thrill seekers, with Bluff Knoll offering climbers spectacular views and occasional snow during winter. The Stirling Range is recognised as one of the richest areas for flora in the world. Mount Barker wine region is the oldest in the Great Southern producing world class wines with some spectacular wineries to visit. See more about Mount Barker Wines.

The Porongurup – A 15-minute drive east of Mount Barker brings you to the oldest mountain range in the world – the unique Porongurup. Over 1 billion years old, this ancient forest island is home to towering granite peaks, majestic stands of Karri trees and is surrounded by some excellent wineries. Renowned for its awesome natural beauty, wildflowers, colourful local characters and a huge variety of hiking and natural sightseeing attractions, the Porongurup is the complete tourism destination.  Plan your visit here.

If it’s beauty rich and rare you’re looking for, head to the Great Southern for dramatic, emerging Indigenous art and an insight into an 18,000 year-old culture. Offering the best of life in spades, from urbane coffee houses and global-standard cultural festivals to tweet-worthy feasts of Riesling with local oysters, the Great Southern wine region doesn’t disappoint.

Denmark – Located 30 min drive from Albany, Denmark is a star in the Great Southern Wine region wine trails. You can easily spend a day (or two) sipping your way through the region’s cellar doors. Dotted throughout the picturesque hills and large karri trees you’ll find several boutique wineries producing superb rielsing, pinot, semillon sauvignon blanc and bold shiraz, among other varieties.  Download a Denmark Cellar Door Map here. 

Albany – Crisp, fresh air. Still night. Days that last forever… Welcome to greatness, where the city meets the sea, the ocean meets the mountains, and sophistication meets country-style.

The beautiful Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound surround the City of Albany, a historically significant region of Western Australia. The King George Sound was the site of Western Australia’s first European settlement, settled several years before the Swan River Colony in Perth. A prominent place to watch migrating humpback and southern right whales along the dramatic coastline, Albany is famous for it’s crystal turquoise bays – including 2022 Best Beach in Australia, Misery Beach. Visit Amazing Albany for great places to visit.

The Great Southern wine region is where your story starts. This is your life. It starts only four hours from Perth. Pack a bag and start living it now.


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