The Best of the Great Southern Life

Uncover the best of life in the Great Southern wine region. Drink in the ocean air, play in the waves and picnic in the soft, white sand. Adventure through verdant forests, along pristine beaches, down winding rivers and up rugged ranges on your Great Southern wine journey.

Cycle, surf, fish and camp among the wilds while you soothe tired minds at cellar doors across the region. You’ll tell and re-tell the story for years.

Natural beauty and urbane sophistication collide in the Great Southern wine region. Winter overlooking the sparkling King George Sound in front of a crackling fire served up with a robust local red is just the tonic. Balmy Summer days strolling velvety beaches and fishing off the jetty soothe jangled city nerves. A riot of wildflowers in Spring, and Autumn days spent geocaching and bushwalking, followed by cellar-door dining is the stuff family lore is made of.

It’s your journey. It’s your story. Start writing it in the epic Great Southern wine region.


Explore Great History and Culture

The Great Southern Wine region is located in Minang Noongar country. History is alive and kicking in some of the oldest, permanently settled towns in the region, and it’s not just for bookworms and academics.

If it’s beauty rich and rare you’re looking for, head to the Great Southern for dramatic, emerging Indigenous art and an insight into an 18,000 year-old culture. Offering the best of life in spades, from urbane coffee houses and global-standard cultural festivals to tweet-worthy feasts of Riesling with local oysters, the Great Southern wine region doesn’t disappoint.

Crisp, fresh air. Still night. Days that last forever… Welcome to greatness, where the city meets the sea, the ocean meets the mountains, and sophistication meets country-style. The Great Southern wine region is where your story starts. This is your life. It starts only four hours from Perth. Pack a bag and start living it now.

If an adrenaline rush holiday is your thing, fill your time in the Great Southern wine region with an iconic, full-throttle adventure. Experience solitude, nature, exercise and challenge as you wind your way around the wine trails. Blow your mind with thrill-seeking escapades for all skill levels as you get your heart thumping, followed by the reward — remarkable gastronomic delights and astounding wines.

Find out where it all began as you discover mysteries of history — incredible Indigenous culture and settlement facts. Walk the talk as you inhale ancient natural history millions of years old and rejuvenate your cultural awareness. Pair a sensory reawakening with amazing art trails, cultural performances, mouth-watering wine and scrumptious produce.

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