The Great Southern wine region producers many national winning wines. But a new national winner has emerged from this pristine region – Australia’s number one beach.

Awarded by Tourism Australia for 2022, Misery Beach with its pure white sand and red rock surrounds, is a pure paradise with dolphins and whales frolicking in the crystal emerald water – and now Australia’s best beach.

Located 15 minute drive from the centre of the town of Albany, locals were surprised of the regions most newest of news.  “There are literally 100’s of bays in the Great Southern that are just pure pristine magic”, says resident Merryl Bennett.  True to her point the Great Southern region is widely known as an untouched ancient paradise where heaven meets earth at the waters edge.

The town site is largely surrounded by ancient granite mountains dating back over 1.1million years old – one of the oldest in the world. In a region where beautiful, isolated beaches is only surpassed by its pure, pristine wine it produces – the Great Southern region is also home to one of the largest wine regions in the world – and the one of the most isolated.

It seems this incredible region won’t remain isolated for too long.