About Us

The Great Southern Wine Producers’ Association began its life as the Mount Barker-Frankland River Wine Producers Association in 1973 and has operated under a board of management structure since 2005.

The board of management is a group of focused wine professionals who work together to further the aspirations of our region through domestic and international marketing and promotion, advocacy, relationship management, and information sharing.


The Great Southern wine industry is a profitable and sustainable industry based on its reputation as producers of fine, cool climate wines.


Continually raise the profile and performance of the Great Southern wine industry by showcasing its cool climate viticulture and diverse fine wine production, and promoting the region’s unique wines, stories and people.  Maintain strong and productive partnerships within and beyond the region to continually develop the region’s technical capacities and ensure its position as a producer of fine wines.


1.     Grow the value and capacity of the Great Southern wine region. (53 wineries, 80 GSWPA members, target growth to 100)                 

2.     Grow the Great Southern wine region’s international/domestic reputation as producers of fine wines. (profile in media, menus and wine lists, consumer recall)

3.     Support members to grow their wine export capacity and sales. (11% of production or 82,000 cases in 2018 av. $9.84/l, target 20% and $12/l by 2024)

Our Board Members

Tom Wisdom

Plantagenet Wine


Sarah Date

Dukes Winery

Johnathon Watson

Ferngrove Wines

Bianca Swart

Paul Nelson  Wines

Bev Gilbert

Gilbert Wines

Peter Cooke

Director – Agknowledge

Jarrad Gardiner

CEO Great Southern Development Commission