About Us

The Great Southern Wine Producers’ Association began its life as the Mount Barker-Frankland River Wine Producers Association in 1973 and has operated under a board of management structure since 2005.

The board of management is a group of focused wine professionals who work together to further the aspirations of our region through domestic and international marketing and promotion, advocacy, relationship management, and information sharing.

Our Objectives

  • Promote the excellence of Great Southern wines to the public
  • Promote the trade of Great Southern wines on a regional, national and international level
  • Encourage and foster the diversity and quality that the Great Southern offers as a wine tourism destination
  • Promote and participate in joint initiatives between members in achieving the objects of the Association
  • Forge close links with other organisations to further the objects of the Association, including but not limited to regional food, accommodation, and tourism groups
  • Encourage the dissemination and uptake of technical and marketing information to enhance the performance of the Great Southern wine industry
  • Raise money and accept donations to be put towards achieving the objects of the Association including receiving and applying monies from members, sponsors, governments, and other like institutions.