Bremer Bay is two hours from Albany, four and a half hours from Esperance and about six hours from Perth, making it WA’s most isolated and extraordinary holiday destinations. Long, protected white beaches, and nature at its most wild are the hallmarks of Bremer Bay. It’s a nature and adventure lovers paradise, a pristine land that has changed little for thousands of years, a place where you can feel totally free.

Situated next to the Bremer Bay River and just ten minutes’ walk to the beach, this quaint town has a population of just 250 lucky people. Of course, that means everyone knows everyone else, and the pub (known as the Resort, with rooms, a bar and an awesome restaurant) is the centre of all the action.

Bremer Bay has more facilities than you might expect (albeit only a voluntary police force) and that’s because the town attracts so many tourists, not to mention thousands of youngsters from all over the Great Southern, who descend to celebrate New Year’s Eve. But mostly the town’s visitors number those who love surfing, fishing and living close to nature.

Long, protected white beaches, and nature at its most wild are the hallmarks of Bremer Bay. Its well-worn cliffs and headlands temper the might of the Southern Ocean, providing sheltered bays and perfect waves. Four-wheel drive or take a quad-bike tour to a remote corner of a pristine beach where you can go swimming and surfing – you’ll feel completely free.

Under the water is a kaleidoscope of colourful sponge life, sea slugs, tube worms, basket stars, striped fish, stingrays, soft corals and elusive weedy and leafy seadragons. Dive charters, guided snorkelling and equipment hire are all available from the dive shop in town.

Fishing is fantastic, either off the beach, out in the deep blue, or on the river. Launch your boat at Muirs Point – licences, gear and bait can be found in town.

Southern right and humpback whales call Quad-biking the dunes. into Bremer Bay from August to October. They can easily be seen from the shore – go straight to Tooleburrup Hill. Point Ann in the Fitzgerald River National Park, 65km east of Bremer Bay, overlooks a famous nursery where southern right whales calve.

At the Bremer Bay Canyon, 70km out in the ocean, the southern hemisphere’s largest population of killer whales (otherwise known as orca) has been discovered. Full-day expeditions to see these apex predators, also known as the ‘wolves of the ocean’ depart Bremer Bay daily from mid-January to mid-April.

Nature and trail lovers will be equally impressed on land. A total of 1893 types of wildflower have been recognised around Bremer – even vacant town blocks can be found to house rare and interesting species of orchid.

If that’s not enough, the Fitzgerald River National Park – one the largest and most botanically significant national parks in Australia – is on Bremer Bay’s doorstep. Nearly twenty per cent of Western Australia’s flora species, many endemic to the state, are found within the park.

Accommodation options are good, with the resort, caravan parks and a tourist park, a lovely bed and breakfast, a wilderness retreat, a luxurious clifftop villa, and a selection of holiday houses and chalets to rent from the real estate office. If you’ve got your furry friend in tow, the Bremer Bay Resort & Tourist Park is pet-friendly.