Frankland River

The open, rolling country of Frankland River is the catchment for the Frankland, Gordon, Kent, and Tone Rivers.

The first contemporary vineyard was planted in 1967 and by the 1980s a number of vineyards had been established, including Alkoomi which first planted in 1971, Frankland Estate and Old Kent River.

Today, the subregion has 1,600 hectares under vines that supply many wineries in Western Australia and produce grapes for some of Australia’s iconic wines.

The Wines

Frankland River is inland and northerly, where cool nights and warm days with long sunlight hours provide a Mediterranean climate. Although inland, a moderating sea breeze finds its way into the region. 

Ironstone-based gravels and duplex sandy loams lie over clay sub-soils derived from granitic outcrops. These have weathered over time to create the undulating rolling hills that define the region.

Wines from Frankland River are sold throughout the world, and the subregion is internationally recognised for producing premium Shiraz and Riesling.

Other varieties include Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a developing interest in using varieties such as Tempranillo and Gewurztraminer to produce blends of character and complexity.

Your guide to Frankland River